Monday, 2 June 2014

Very easy "Tear and Share" bread

I found the following recipe whilst having a quick break on Pinterst and I couldn't resist giving it a go. This "Tear and Share" loaf is really easy to make and perfect served with a fresh salad for so many occasions here are just a few I thought of:
1) easy week day meal for 3 
2) quick starter if you have impromptu guests round for dinner
3) as part of an anti-pasti shared supper
4) accompaniment to a summer BBQ

Putting it together is really simple too, all you need is
Store brought fresh loaf
Strong cheddar cheese - sliced
Spring onions - finely chopped
Sauce/dressing of your choice

Pre-heat your oven to about 150C fan, take you loaf and cut along it length-ways at equal distance but make sure you don't cut all the way though. Turn the loaf around and do the same again to create a chess board effect. Take your slices of cheese and insert within the gaps in the bread. Next make up a dressing that you want to pour over the bread, I made a simple french dressing with dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, seasoning and extra virgin olive oil. However you could use what ever takes your fancy, chilli or garlic infused oil for example. Mix your dressing with your chopped spring onions and pour over the loaf. Cook until the cheese has melted to the consistency that you want then tear and share - see soooo easy!

Why not experiment with this, try different types of cheese, chopped sundried tomatoes and olives would also be fantastic. Give it a go and let me know how you all get on, would love to see some photos!

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Noya's Kitchen - Vietnamese Cooking Course

It's been just over a week since my last post (oh dear will have to get back on track) but I have finally got around to writing about what me and my friend Alice got up to last weekend! 

When ever Alice and I catch up we always do so over amazing food, whether we we pop to our favourite cafe in London for tea (YumCha), try out a new restaurant, or simply make something tasty at home. For a massive treat last weekend we went on Vietnamese Cooking Course at Noya's Kitchen

Alice and I spent the afternoon taking in the sites of Bath and then headed off to find Noya's house. As often happens when you attend a cooking course or supper club at someone's home you have a brief moment of 'hope this will be ok' just as you ring the door bell. However, just as normal, I should not have worried. Noya opened the door with a big smile on her face. She welcomed us into her beautiful home and immediately we knew we were in for a great evening.

Shortly after our arrival the rest of the people on our cooking class also arrived. We all took our places at a beautifully laid table and Noya told us what we would be making that evening.

Our menu was a follows:
Turkey mince Vietnamese spring roles with dipping sauce
Vermicelli rice noodle salad with Lemongrass chicken and beef skewers
Vietnamese chicken curry with sticky jasmine rice

Noya took us thorough ever step. It was amazing to see that just with a few simple tips from an expert that we all managed to produce authentic and delicious Vietnamese food.

Here are two of my favourite tips from the evening:
1) When rolling spring rolls you can create a 'glue stick' to get the pastry to stick together. You do this by cutting a section of banana and trimming off the skin around the edge, how simple is that! Although the spring rolls were delicious on their own but by putting some coriander and a mint leaf on a bit of little gem lettuce and then the spring roll on top the taste experience is totally different.

2) You can wrap meat fillings into leaves and to ensure they stay rolled up whilst cooking you keep about 1.5cm of the stem, punch a little whole in the wrap and tuck the stem inside, again so simple but effective. 

We had a wonderful evening learning all about these new foods and I for one cannot wait to try them out again at home. If anyone else fancies learning how to cook authentic Vietnamese Noya lists the dates of here cooking courses on her website. If, however, you don't feel like cooking but just eating delicious food Noya also runs a supper club which I for one and going to visit in the near future.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bristol Food Connection

Just a few more photos to share the goings on over the Bank Holiday Weekend at Bristol Food Connections.

Ben and Sam tucking into home made burgers at the street food market. 

One of my particular favourites - sheep's milk ice cream - delicious. Made by Shepard's in Hay-on-Wye